Manage Your Credit Account Online


Did you know that all M-Pro Platinum credit account members have access to their statements online? Members are able to view,  download and print invoices and statements from a computer or a cell phone.

From the BillTrust Page, you are able to make a payment, receive online confirmation about payments, and view the online payment history. So if it’s the middle of the month and you are wondering if you’ve paid your bill, within a few clicks you’ll have your answer!

Through the site, you’re also able to set up different notifications to alert you about your bill.


Furthermore, you can also add and manage additional users for your company.

Whether you’re the bookkeeper or the owner, you have your account information at your fingertips 24/7.

To access your account, visit


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Hot Dip Galvanized Now In Stock!


Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) now in stock at your local Meek’s Lumber & Hardware!

  • Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Perfect for use with brown treated lumber and is ACQ compatible
  • Durability in harsh environments
  • Offers design flexibility, and an attractive, natural gray finish
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing provide decades of maintenance-free longevity

Its primary components (zinc and steel) are natural, abundant and 100% recyclable, making Hot Dipped Galvanized steel an infinitely renewable building material!

Whether  subjected to blazing UV rays, snow, and/or other elements, submerged in water, embedded in soil, concrete, or other environments, Grattan’s hot-dip galvanized steel can withstand the different corrosive elements and fulfill the intended design life.

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How to Avoid Higher OSHA Fines

OSHA Logo 11.14

Starting August 1, 2016, OSHA penalties are increased 80%. Couple that with the more stringent inspection processes, an OSHA fine today could cripple a company.

Previously, serious violations would result in a $7,000 penalty and for repeat offenders, $70,000. Now, the fines could result in $12,600 and $126,000 penalties respectively. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t work an additional $10,000+ into their job budgets. So what can you do to avoid these fines?

First, study up on the rules and make sure everyone on your team knows the processes to follow.

06.2016CB -- RoadConstruction

Second, encourage your employees to point out potential violations and offer rewards for safety.

06.2016CB -- Hammer

Third, research mobile apps that can help with safety, inspections, paperwork, practices and more. If employees can keep track of the rules from the palm of their hand, they can
constantly be compliant.

01.16 CB_group3

Finally, get ready for inspections early. You can find checklists on the OSHA website and go through each item and make sure you’re in the clear. By educating employees and keeping a close eye on everything, both on the jobsite and off, you can avoid the fines and save yourself a lot of money in the long run.


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It’s Inventory Season @ Meek’s!

It is time for our annual store inventory. Please see below and find your store’s inventory date.

  • 09/26—Anderson & Carson City06.15 VA Storefront
  • 10/03—Tahoe & Yreka
  • 10/10—Redding & Rocklin
  • 10/17—Chico & Vacaville
  • 10/24—Yuba City & Meyers
  • 11/07—Martell & Gardnerville

Stores will be closed until 1PM on the date of inventory. Stop by after 1PM for FREE cookies! See you then.



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Water Usage Enforcement Changes

Last year’s fire season was the worst on record with over 10.1 million acres burned nationwide. Now that summer has winded down and we’re heading into fall, we’re feeling the effects of the drought.

05.15 CADrought
While statewide bans have been lifted, most counties are launching their own restrictions leading into 2017. Most will face stricter water usage monitoring and harsher enforcement.
There are a few things that will be banned once the new legislation goes into effect. Going forward, you can be fined for washing cars or equipment without having a shutoff nozzle or hosing down sidewalks and driveways. When you are on the job, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your water usage. For more information on the regulations in effect in your area visit or www.Waterboards/

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Introducing: Aquaphalt @ Meek’s!

We’ve got a game changer for you! Whether driveways are your business or you just have a driveway, this product is for you! With a bucket of Aquaphalt and water, your roads will be hole free in no time!

Aquaphalt is a revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair — it works even in wet and cold conditions.

  • Eco-friendly binder reacts and hardens with only water-no toxic solvents!
  • Aquaphalt is laid directly from its container-no need to mobilize large crews and equipment!
  • Minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations!
  • Pre-mixed and permanent — Aquaphalt is a one-time fix!


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One Battery – Two Voltages

This month we have some very exciting power tool news. Companies are always looking to create better and more efficient tools for you, and DeWALT has done just that!

In our stores, you’ll notice us moving in a new line from DeWALT featuring technology that gets it done! Now introducing FLEXVOLT™: the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools.

With this new battery, you are able to change tools in seconds without having to track down the right battery. Plus if you were to use a new 60V FLEXVOLT™ MAX battery with a 20V MAX tool, you’d have over four times the run time. Imagine the time you’ll be saving with each use.

The new batteries bring the power of cordless tools to a whole new level! DeWALT is
also introducing a brand new lineup of 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools, forever changing how work gets done. Keep an eye on our Power Tool departments to get your hands on a piece of the future of flexibility and power!



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Dependability @ It’s Finest — The Meek’s Way

12 Dependability Logo 3.1_editIn 2016 we set out to improve our overall customer service to ensure that we were not only meeting your needs, but exceeding them across the board. At our stores this month, you will see a poster outlining the 67 different Dependability Standards that we are holding each of our employees accountable to. At the end of the day, your satisfaction is our top priority! Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to serving you The Meek’s Way each and every day.



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Title 24 Updates for 2017

Title 24 07.14According to the National Association of Home Builders or NAHB, over 80% of today’s home buyers want energy-saving features in newly constructed homes. The Title 24 energy code standards are working to achieve that for both the builder and the buyer. With a requirement of all new homes being built to net-zero energy standards by 2020, we still have quite the adventure ahead of us.
There’s a new set of 2016 standards in effect starting January 1, 2017, that will accept solar electricity as a compliant option for customers. This is huge for both environmentalists and home buyers.

On the builder side, there are a few significant changes. First, insulation must be at least R-22 and duct leakage must be reduced to 5% or less. Also, all air-conditioners and heat pumps will need to be equipped with liquid line filter driers. The changes don’t stop there. All tanked water heaters no longer need to be wrapped externally. In addition, all lights within the home must be high efficiency.

With these and the other  changes in place, green building is not only needed, but is heavily desired by first time home buyers. For more
information on the new Title 24 regulations, please visit


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Nuts About Fastener Resets

Grattan Reset (MA 05.27.16)If you’ve popped into any of our stores over the last few months, you’ve noticed a well-lit, dynamic, and a new state-of-the-art Grattan fasteners section in place.

Grattan Fasteners was founded in 1957, and while the industry has changed considerably since then, Grattan’s continued to make great nuts and bolts, while also being a leader in the fastener distribution industry.

If you’re looking for a random bolt or a specialty screw, chances are we carry it in the Grattan line. Plus, we have unbeatable pricing! If you buy a box, you save 10% off the price. If you have a M-Pro account with us and you buy a box, you’re saving 15% off the regular price.

Check out the new sets in stores today. Between Grattan Fasteners and our Meek’s experts, we’ll help to take your from project inspiration to job well done!


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