Technology on the Jobsite is Here to Stay

phoneTechnology is becoming an increasingly integral part of the daily-tasks on the jobsite. While new programs and equipment typically leads to higher productivity, there is an adjustment period.

It’s important to remember that you’re going to have some pushback from the more traditional contractors. This is normal, but once the programs or solutions are proven, these team members will likely be more willing to adopt the features. When you’re introducing something new to the mix, stress how exactly it will help your team and take it from there.

One key option to test out is swapping from paper to e-copies. Rather than lugging around a box of blueprints, you can have a phone or tablet with all of your files on it. This not only allows you to easy zoom in and out of plans, but allows you to share notes with the other builders instantly. Not only will you save on printing costs, but your time between revisions and ultimately, your entire job should pass quicker with just a single switch of materials.

With all of this, it is also key that you train all team members and sub-contractors on your processes. Once everyone is on the same page, they are able to communicate efficiently and get the job done faster and with less waste.

Share some of your favorite construction technology finds below!

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Home Values Increase While Inventory Decreases

Home values were at an all-decade high across the nation in 2016, closing out the year up 6.8% over 2015.

There is a significant challenge buyers and builders are facing in 2017 due to the limited housing stock available. According to the National Association of Realtors, eight in ten areas in the country lack enough single-family housing for the increasing demand.

This translates to a larger need for new construction across the state, specifically targeted at first time home buyers. Also, for builders, many current home owners will be choosing renovation over repurchasing. According to Houzz’s forecast for the year, 10-12% of homeowners will look into redesigning some portion of their home in the coming year.

Ultimately, we’ve got the supplies you need, but owners should make sure they have enough labor to cover the jobs to come later in the spring and summer.

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Specialty Contractor Work On The Rise

construction-site-build-construction-work-159306The revenue of specialty contractors has been on the rise for the past few years, jumping almost 10% in 2016. Experts are predicting another great year of growth for contractors in new construction specifically. With so many jobs in the market, large business owners are relying heavily on field experts. This is where the bank of specialty contractors comes into play.

By examining reports for the nation’s market, signs point to success in the western United States. As California and Nevada continue to focus on lower energy and more renewable sources, electrical and utility contractors are in high demand.

Focus on being selective in the jobs you are taking and align yourself with a good base of contractors in other fields. Together you can tackle any job that comes your way.

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Why PPG Pittsburgh Paints?


This month, we’ve got some great savings on PPG Pittsburgh Paints! PPG paint is sold exclusively at independent locally-owned retailers, because they see the value in great service and expertise. With industry leading tools, support, quality products, expert service and the best color platform in the industry with THE VOICE OF COLOR® program, PPG meets the demands of all homeowners and any commercial job.

Are you planning to paint your space in the new year? With PPG at Meek’s, it’s never been easier! Bring in a sample chip or an item you love the color of and our experts can match it for you. With PPG’s Voice of Color work stations, you can browse large take home chips or use the digital screen to drag and drop colors to virtually design your space. With over 2,000 colors, the possibilities are endless.


Stop by your local Meek’s Lumber & Hardware to take your walls from inspiration to reality!


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Wonder No More!

PPG Wonder-Tones, with it’s durable finish, excellent washability, and scrub resistant formula, is the perfect coating for your next project. This high-quality paint is an all-purpose solution for interior surfaces like walls, trim, properly prepared drywall, plaster, masonry, primed metal and wood. Whether you’re touching up an old painted wall or completely revamping your space, Meek’s has the color and sheen for your home!



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Customer Appreciation Nights 2017


In 2016, we held Contractor Nights at our stores as a token of our appreciation.

If you haven’t heard the news already, we think you’re amazing! To show you just how much we appreciate your continued support, we will once again be hosting nine Customer Appreciation nights in 2017.


Each night we will serve a catered meal complete with raffle prizes and specials. Join us at your nearest Meek’s location (dates below) for a night dedicated to you! We will add RSVP links as they become available. We’ll see you soon!

  • 02/23 – Vacaville (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
  • 03/09 – Anderson / Redding (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
  • 03/23 – Yuba City
  • 04/06 – Yreka
  • 04/20 – Rocklin
  • 05/04 – Carson City / Gardnerville
  • 05/18 – Chico
  • 06/01 – Martell
  • 06/15 – Tahoe / Meyers


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Meek’s Million Dollar Club

money hand

As the year comes to a close, we are excited to see the number of M-Pro Advantage customers that will be taking home rebates this year! In addition, we were able to give back through core rebates and our Million Dollar Club, introduced in Dec. 2014.

The Million Dollar Club affords members a 5% rebate on all transactions once purchases exceed one million. This is paid at the start of the following year. For example, if you were to purchase $1,200,000 worth of tools, materials, etc. in 2017, you would receive a $60,000 cash rebate.

We’re here to offer new entries into the Million Dollar Club for 2017!

So how do you qualify?

As long as you pay within our credit terms of Net 10th, you’re in! This may not be combined with any other rebate programs. If you are interested in this program, please let your salesperson know today!



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Fix It Now to Save Money Later

When it comes to your home, it is better to take care of the small things before they become major problems for you and your budget.

VA Gary_Bushes Trimmed (2)

The first place you want to check is your greenery outside. Overgrown planting can eat away at your home’s foundation and exterior walls through mold and rot. Plus, roots can make their way into your main lines and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just a few weeks’ time. To combat this, trim your shrubs regularly. If it is a continuous problem, you might consider removing these problematic plants and replacing them with dwarf varieties planted at least three feet from the foundation.

04.15 Deck3

Next, inspect your deck. Soft boards could be a sign of rot and could lead to a full deck collapse. Take a walk around your deck with a flathead screwdriver. A good rule of thumb is if you can insert it more than ¼” or if the wood feels spongy, you are likely dealing with a decaying deck. While you’re at it, check the rails and make sure there isn’t any wiggle. Replace any damaged boards, using new screws and leaving a gap for proper drainage between boards. This one should go without saying, but just in case you live in a heavily treed area, check your tree branches. In a storm, the wind could send large branches crashing down onto your roof, cars, or even loved ones. Trim the tree and while you’re on the ladder, check your gutters.

03.2016 TAMKO Roofing Image1

Beyond the leaves and debris, make sure your gutter is clear and flush to the house. If it is clogged or tilted, water could be sent down the sides of your home. This can lead to rot in your siding, mold inside the wall cavities, and possibly frame damage.

These smaller problems like cracked rails, overgrown grass, cracking grout, etc., can make for some pricey repairs down the line. If you’ve got a project, but aren’t sure where to start, stop in and let us help!


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Get Your Home Ready For The Chill

03.2016 TAMKO Roofing Image2

As the year is winding down, there are a few home maintenance to-do’s you should have on your list.

First, take some time to clean your garbage disposal, sink aerators, and washer water filter before your holiday guests arrive.09.15 Sink

Next, fix your squeaky door hinges before the winter swell sets in. You’ll also want to check your window seals to keep the heat in, as well as your shower and bathtub caulking to make sure no water can get in and no mold can grow.

If you have a fireplace, have it cleaned before winter sets in. Also, do a quick roof inspection for leaks too.

Lastly, check your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and refill your first aid kits. If your home is prepared for winter, you will be too!


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Thank You To All Veterans!

WB_memorial16B--with Meek's Logo

The flag of America still stands strong, firm, and beautiful thanks to the enormous efforts and innumerable sacrifices made by millions of our veterans. We salute them in honor. Thank you for your service and happy Veteran’s Day!

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