If you have ever bought or used drywall, you know just how heavy it can be! Meek’s will load it into your truck, but once you get it home or to the jobsite, you will have to unload it. From there you maneuver your arms around the sheet and inch your way into the room.

If you have a team, this can be easier. Either way, there is a new product on the market that will save you time, work, and money. We now stock American Gypsum’s LightRoc®, which is not only lighter, but comparably strong as well.

LightRoc 06.14

The wallboard panels consist of a fire-resistant gypsum core that is encased in natural-finish paper on the face side and sturdy liner paper on the back side which are both 100% recycled. Long edges of the panels are tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with a joint compound system.

Let’s look at some numbers. A typical 4’x8’ ½” thick sheet of drywall weighs around 57 pounds. In comparison, a sheet of LightRoc® weighs around 44 pounds. That is 23% lighter!

The thicker the drywall, the heavier that sheet is going to get. If you were hanging drywall in a 2000 sq. ft. room, you are lifting around 800 pounds. Imagine how much work could be saved if you were only lifting 615 pounds!

Visit your local Meek’s to check out LightRoc® today.