Bosch Logo 09.14

We are excited to introduce you to the new GLM 15 Laser Measure by Bosch. The is the simplest way to measure and project with accuracy and speed.

This revolutionary product is the smallest laser measure in the world and fits in your pocket. Standing just under 4” tall with a
rubberized base for stability, it is small and simple to use.

GLM 15 09.14Begin by positioning the back of the tool against the wall  from which you want to start your measurements. With the push of one button, the device is powered on and begins to measure. By pressing the button one more time, the  GLM 15 holds your current
measurements on its easy to read LED screen.

Taking things one step further, the laser measures up to 50’ and is accurate down to the 1/8”. When you are finished measuring, hold the button for three seconds and it turns off. It is as simple as that one button!

Your days of using your standard tape measure are behind you! Stop by Meek’s today to step into the future of measuring.