House 02.15Regardless of your profession, the dramatic change in building trends is going to have an effect on how you do business.

The amount of new multi-family buildings being built is increasing, while the square footage of homes is
decreasing. There are many  reasons for this outside of the ever changing economy. For starters, the loan and financing systems often lead potential homebuyers to rent rather than own.

There is a visible change in commercial building as well. As more and more business operations move online, the need for large brick-and-mortar type buildings is steadily declining. On the flip side, more office spaces are needed.

While there is a tradeoff between the buildings of the past and the way things are going, one thing is
constant in California, and that is the need for green structures. California has some of the toughest
regulations in place, but it provides tax credits to any builders who use more sustainable products and make their homes and other building projects more  efficient when it comes to water and energy.

The one thing we know for certain is that the demand for affordable housing is only going to continue to climb from here.

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