Plan Ahead With PlanGrid In Your Pocket

PlanGrid App logo 02.15Have you ever been out in the field and realized you left your project blueprints or specs back at the office? So what do you do? You only have two options, right? You can drive back to get them or have someone send a copy over to you through your email.

Well, we’ve found a third option for you. Get ready for a game changer!

PlanGrid is a free app for your iPhone or iPad, which not only lets you view your plans, photos, and specs, but it instantly saves and updates your team.

Let’s say you are at a jobsite and you see an extra outlet that wasn’t accounted for originally. So, you update your specs and now your markups can be shared with anyone on the project. In seconds, everyone involved has an update regarding the progress.

PlanGrid1 01.15     PlanGrid3 01.15     PlanGrid2 01.15     PlanGrid4 01.15

If you are ready to put the days of lugging around aper blueprints behind you, download PlanGrid today! Visit the App Store or scan the QR code below.

PlanGrid App QR Code 02.15


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