04.15 VA Remodel1 Things are changing in the Vacaville store and the remodel is in full effect! We’re building new walls, painting inside and out, changing floor tiles, shifting aisles, and so much more!

If you’ve come into the store lately and not been able to find something or seen dust flying everywhere, we just want to ask that you bear with us because, trust us, it will be worth it! Once the remodel is complete in May 2015, you will be able to find products easier than 04.15 VA Remodel3ever before! Also, we will have extra staff on-hand to help you complete your project and find exactly what you are looking for.

To make room for the 2,000+ new items we are bringing in, we’ve started a huge clearance section in our warehouse. Make sure to check it out because once those items sell, we won’t be bringing them back into the store.04.15 VA Remodel2