Have you thought about the deck of your dreams before? We’ll help make your dream a reality with redwood, composite, and PVC decking, all on sale now through April 25!

So now you’ve got this dream, but you aren’t sure where to start. First, you (or your contractor) should look into the local building codes and get any permits you might need. Should you ever want to sell your house in the future, those permits will be essential!

Next, it’s time to test-drive your layout. Use stakes and string to outline your ideal layout. You can see how much yard space it will cover and where the sun will hit during different parts of the day. Place furniture within your outline and make sure there’s enough space for everything you’ve imagined.

From there, you are ready to choose your decking materials. If you are looking for easy-care decking, choose manufactured composite or PVC. If you are looking for a classic look, opt for wood.  So what are your options?

  • Redwood decking provides superior stability while also delivering natural beauty and durability. If you grow tired of the
    color, redwood takes paint and stain with ease!

04.15 Deck2

  • Composite decking comes in a range of colors and textures. It won’t split, crack, or rot and if cared for properly, can last for well over 25+ years.
    04.15 Deck3
  • PVC decking has the best moisture resistance. It won’t swell or shrink and is easy to clean. If you’ve had problems with termites or rotting in the past, then this is definitely the way you want to go.04.15 Deck1

No matter what type of decking material you decide on, cleaning is essential! Plan to scrub your deck once a year using a brush, cleaner and a power washer on a low setting. You will want to use the fan tip on the wand and keep it moving to minimize any surface damage.

Once you’ve submitted your permits, mapped out your layout, and picked your materials, you are ready to start building! Stop by Meek’s today to get started!