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By now you’ve noticed that we’re experiencing a historic drought. While many areas have decreased their water usage, the State is stepping in to put new mandates in place that will directly affect every renovation and new home built for the
foreseeable future.

Contrary to many thoughts,  you can still have or install a green lawn, with just a few modifications. For starters, there will need to be less grass and more bushes, shrubs, and other drought-resistant plants. In addition, irrigation will change to feature slow-trickling valves rather than traditional sprinklers.

When determining the landscape appropriate for the area and the house, the rules outline the maximum water that can be used to maintain new lawns. Developers will have to adapt to fit those limits or risk facing local government scrutiny.

All this said, it may be worth making a few calls or clicks to find more information about your city and district’s regulations. In some areas, the city is offering cash rebates for updated lawns that reduce water usage.