How to Avoid Higher OSHA Fines

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Starting August 1, 2016, OSHA penalties are increased 80%. Couple that with the more stringent inspection processes, an OSHA fine today could cripple a company.

Previously, serious violations would result in a $7,000 penalty and for repeat offenders, $70,000. Now, the fines could result in $12,600 and $126,000 penalties respectively. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t work an additional $10,000+ into their job budgets. So what can you do to avoid these fines?

First, study up on the rules and make sure everyone on your team knows the processes to follow.

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Second, encourage your employees to point out potential violations and offer rewards for safety.

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Third, research mobile apps that can help with safety, inspections, paperwork, practices and more. If employees can keep track of the rules from the palm of their hand, they can
constantly be compliant.

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Finally, get ready for inspections early. You can find checklists on the OSHA website and go through each item and make sure you’re in the clear. By educating employees and keeping a close eye on everything, both on the jobsite and off, you can avoid the fines and save yourself a lot of money in the long run.


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