The weather this autumn season has been brutal and we’re heading into winter in just a few weeks. Combine the extreme cold with rain or snow and there’s bound to be some problems on the jobsite. There are a few things you can do to protect your crew both on the job and off.


For starters, make sure your team is dressed for the weather. Anyone outside should have access to a coat, gloves, hats, etc. to keep their core warm as the temperature drops.

If it’s particularly cold out, be sure you take extra time to inspect the jobsite each morning. Check for icy areas, hanging icicles, frosted tools, and more. The more cautious you are, the less likely you are to have an accident later.

Keep all paths clear and sanded to keep your team from slipping. If there’s snow on the ground, while it might be convenient to shovel it to the sides, be careful not to pile it to high. This can obstruct sight from one jobsite to another or serve as a tripping hazard if placed too close to the walkways.

Portable heaters are another great option when used properly. Make sure your heater is placed on an unobstructed fire-resistant surface with plenty of free space on all sides. If you’ve got gas for a tool, it is probably not the best plan to place that right by the heater.

if you take these proactive steps early, you can continue building and keep your team safe all season long!