Technology on the Jobsite is Here to Stay

phoneTechnology is becoming an increasingly integral part of the daily-tasks on the jobsite. While new programs and equipment typically leads to higher productivity, there is an adjustment period.

It’s important to remember that you’re going to have some pushback from the more traditional contractors. This is normal, but once the programs or solutions are proven, these team members will likely be more willing to adopt the features. When you’re introducing something new to the mix, stress how exactly it will help your team and take it from there.

One key option to test out is swapping from paper to e-copies. Rather than lugging around a box of blueprints, you can have a phone or tablet with all of your files on it. This not only allows you to easy zoom in and out of plans, but allows you to share notes with the other builders instantly. Not only will you save on printing costs, but your time between revisions and ultimately, your entire job should pass quicker with just a single switch of materials.

With all of this, it is also key that you train all team members and sub-contractors on your processes. Once everyone is on the same page, they are able to communicate efficiently and get the job done faster and with less waste.

Share some of your favorite construction technology finds below!

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