Think about it, you always have your phone within arm’s reach of you. Why not add it to your tool bag and have it help you get the job done quicker, more efficient, and cheaper?

Studies have shown that four out of five workers are using some type of mobile technology in their day-to-day work on the jobsite. Whether you’re trying to go paperless, share documents across the company, or just looking to make a process earlier, we’re here to help!

Up first are two apps, SafetyCulture and Canvas. These apps help to reduce the paper you need and bring your paperwork online. Whether you’re looking to report an accident, complete OSHA reporting, inspect your jobsite safety, or complete a field safety audit, these two apps are here to help!

If you have a fleet of truck, you need a way of tracking the team. GPSTrackIt allows you to see where your equipment is at all times. If you’re leaving tools on a jobsite overnight, this app allows you to set alerts for different times. So if an excavator shouldn’t be on after 6PM and it all of a sudden powers on, you’ll know about it.

If you’re looking for a way to cut costs, make sure you have GasBuddy installed on your phone. Whether you’re filling up in your neighborhood or travelling for work, you can always find the best gas prices around you with just a tap of your finger.

For companies with employees using timesheets, Timesheet Mobile is here to help. The app is GPS-enabled and allows workers to “clock-in” directly from the jobsite. This cuts down on inaccurate start times and could save a company thousands while also increasing jobsite efficiency.

Another option to note for timesheets is StreetSmart which also tracks timekeeping with GPS. Taking things one step further, the app tracks mileage reimbursements automatically from the employee’s phone.

We’ve mentioned some these two in the past, but they’re worth mentioning again as they were specifically created to help you manage each project you’re working on. We’d suggest taking a look at FieldLens and PlanGrid. You can see our previous reviews by clicking HERE and HERE respectively.