We’re almost half of the way through the year and now that the sun has finally come out, everyone’s back to building!

With five months behind us, we can see that the industry is booming with business. Now that everything is starting to dry out, we’ve seen a few indicators of what’s to come in the meantime.

First, there are only so many bodies in the market. Many contractors and union workers are seeing a labor shortage. After the bust, many people had to find different career paths. That said, there is huge potential with the younger generation. With on-the-job training, and in some cases, technical schooling, younger people can learn from the experts and start a career right away.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is the tiny house movement. These smaller homes, paired with other modular builds, are growing in popularity. On the homeowner’s side, these are less expensive due to lower material costs and shortened build times. On the builder’s side, these homes can be built quicker and safer because most work can be done inside and supervised throughout the process.

Across the board, experts are pontificating cross-work is going to rise throughout the remainder of the year. Teams of people can get jobs done quicker and more efficiently overall which benefits both sides.

That said, we’re seeing the cost of raw materials increase. Once the trees dry out, we should have a better picture of what quality and quantity of materials we will be able to get and pass along to you.

As always, technology has some fun things in store for us in 2017. Between Virtual Reality applications, drone capabilities, and bluetooth tools, this year will have all job types covered. Most tool companies are working on power tools that will do more, with less charge and more battery power. Beyond that, gone are the days of having your tools stolen. Many are including bluetooth function in their tools and batteries so you can track battery levels, performance, and of course, location.