Home sale prices are showing a trend when LEED standards are involved. With sustainability on the rise across the country, green-construction is leading to increased resale values.

According to the USGBC’s 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study, green-construction as a whole is projected to go from $55 billion spent in 2015, to just under double that in 2018 at $100.4 billion.

As consumers are looking to lessen their carbon footprint, LEED custom-built homes are a foot above the rest. Looking at the market, younger buyers are looking for first-time sustainable homes. Obviously, the municipalities are shifting towards renewable energy sources as well to cover the rising demands.

With solar companies moving in, the build of a home will be changing to accommodate the energy influxes. Studies are finding that homes with pre-existing solar are selling 20% faster and for around 17% higher margins than homes without.

As cities throughout California and Nevada strive to reach net-zero energy in the coming years, sustainable building will become the new norm.

As we hear about new green building trends, we’ll share them here to keep you in the loop!