If you’ve chatted with a team member lately, they may have mentioned this to you already, but we’re now carrying Owens Corning roofing at all locations.

Owens Corning is more than just a trusted name. They are the market leader in roofing shingles and roofing component products.

Think about it… your roof makes up 1/3—1/2 of your home’s visible exterior. If you’re looking to up your curb appeal, or make a great first impression a new roof might be a great place to start.

At OC, they treat roof manufacturing like a science test subject. Each component is tested, designed and built to deliver total protection for your home. Combine science with the rich color and overall beauty and you’re in for the total package.

All shingles are fiberglass-reinforced to increase durability. With that, they’re able to achieve the highest impact rating at 100mph+.

Looking past the science, it’s important to note that OC is also a company committed to reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency and overall being more sustainability. Not only does OC have an alliance in place for shingle recycling, but their premium shingles stay on your roof longer, reducing the overall waste-to-landfill ratio.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your roof based on color, style, inspiration, etc., there is a color and design out there for your home.

Want to check out expertly designed color pairings? Visit OwensCorning.com/roofing/design-inspire to start browsing today!