When it starts to heat up outside, the list of to-dos can seem a bit overwhelming. We’re here to share a few we recommend you keep in mind this summer.

  1. Tend to the Gutters
    • All winter long your gutters have been collecting gunk, leaves and who knows what else. Safely climb up a ladder and either use a gutter scoop or just use your hands to clear any debris from the gutters all the way around your home.
  2. Inspect Your Roof
    • While you already have the ladder out, take a peek at your roof. You know when the best time to catch a leak is, BEFORE it leaks. If you see an issue, you’ll have a few months to address it before it rains next.
  3. Recaulk Trim
    • Again, while you already have a ladder out, look at the caulk around the trim on your home. Depending on where on the West Coast you live, the weather can be rough. Sometimes bad winters or hot summers can lead caulking to fail, which can then lead to rot issues down the line. If you can catch a problem in the early stages, it’ll save you down the line.
  4. Power-Washing
    • Personally, it is one of the most visually rewarding projects you can do with instant results. Spray down outdoor furniture, driveways, your deck, etc.
  5. Sealing Your Deck
    • If you have a wood deck, use a day or two during the summer to repair, clean and seal your deck. It’ll be ready for all of the get-togethers to come year-after-year.

There are always more projects to do and sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Just take it one project at a time. Know that we’re here to help with whatever projects you’re working on from foundation to finish.