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Table Saw Techniques c/o

Have you ever wondered what parts make up your table saw? Have you ever really spent a few minutes imagining all the uses?

Well wonder no more! has delved into the different pieces, what they’re used for and how you can full optimize each cut. Check out their infographic below and read on at

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TimberTech & Azek Combine Forces

When it comes to finding the best decking for your home, you have a lot to consider. From material to color… from trim to railing… the possible combinations are endless.

If you visited the TimberTech booth at Expo, you would have seen how they not only mixed colors, but also offered something completely new: different widths!

The TimberTech Azek Vintage Collection is available in wide, standard and narrow widths, meaning you can mix and match the six shades in the collection to make whatever pattern you desire!

Maybe different widths aren’t in your plan. Fret not, there are three collections and 13 colors to choose from. Trust us, if PVC decking is what you’re looking for, TimberTech Azek has you covered.

As if that wasn’t fun enough, the PVC decking is 100% synthetic so it’s mold, mildew and moisture resistant, not to mention the coating protects it from UV damage, scratches and stains. With a 50 year  warranty, that’s about as low maintenance as you can get.

TimberTech Pro is a four-sided capped composite that has an authentic wood grain pattern paired with out-of-this world color palettes. Over three collections, you have 16
different color options! Pair a 30 year warranty with a durable surface that resists damage, spills and scratches and you’re in for a treat!

Maybe you’re looking for the same composite decking materials, but you’d like to pay a little less. Look no further than TimberTech EDGE, a three-sided capped composite. Backed by a 25-year warranty so you’ll be enjoying it for decades to come!

Between TimberTech EDGE, TimberTech Pro and TimberTech Azek, there is a color, style and price point that suits your budget and your yard. Stop in today to get started!

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SPAX: Not Your Ordinary Screw!


If you’ve been in one of our stores lately, you’ve probably seen the new SPAX set in each store. The product is already flying off the shelves!

Their patented thread technology provides unmatched versatility, drive performance, and requires no pre-drilling – so you can get professional results faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever. Whether you’re a professional contractor or weekend do-it-yourselfer, the SPAX set at your local Meek’s is here for you!


Tariffs – How Will They Affect You?

Back in July of last year, proposed tariffs were announced for a series of imports from China.

Essentially, this plan was three parts, with the third part affecting our industry the most. Of these 5,745 items in phase three, about 450 are used in your day-to-day construction in some capacity. To see the full list of affected imports, please click here.

Outside of these new tariffs were those on steel and aluminum imports, many of which led brands to increase their costs accordingly last year. Initially, these were tariffed at 10% for the remainder of 2018.

As of May 10, 2019, the new tariffs are officially rolling into the cost of imported goods, increasing an additional 15% for a total tariff of 25%. All that being said, many of our brands have announced 15% increases to us and in turn, many of our prices will be increasing to accommodate this.

Obviously, there are a lot of moving pieces at play here. We’ll do our best to communicate and share updates as we receive them.

2019 Exterior Color Trends to Watch

When it comes to your home, you always want to make a great first impression and you can’t go any bigger than the physical color of your home. The right shade and material is key to having that mixture of comfort and style.

Allura siding took a look at the trends for the year and noted nine exterior colors that are making the rounds.

Up first, is Desert Beige, a neutral tone which perfectly blends with bright trim and dark or light roof colors.

Next you have Moss Green, which has that earthy look, pairing well with more muted colors like cream and dark grey.

If you’re looking to jazz up your home, Soft Lemon is the perfect balance of bright and sophistication. You can brighten it with more neutral tones or tone it down with warmer colors.

Typically, black and white mesh together to make a standard gray color, but Stormy Gray is anything but average. The blue undertone provides the basis for the perfect coastal exterior and is best paired with white and charcoal detailing.

From modest to bam! When you want to make an impression, you can’t get much bolder and yet elegant than Smoky Red. Pair this strong color with white detailing around windows, panels, rails and more for a beautiful and classic exterior.

Coming in at number six on the list is Opal, a fresh color that is as tranquil as it comes. Light roofing and white detailing goes great with natural trees and landscaping.

We’d all like to look a bit younger, right? Bright yellow can provide that youthful atmosphere for your space and pairs great with white, gray or brown. Fun little pops of color can be fun too, but be sure to not go overboard so your home strikes joy for all to see.

Up at number eight is a two-toned earthy combination. Try out colors next to each other and switch out samples to see exactly what pairs best. We’d suggest going with a cool green and warm brown.

Rounding out the list is an old favorite making its return to the top. Cheer up the neighborhood with a Sky Blue exterior, white edging and a darker roof. This color is sure to wow your visitors!

Ready to renovate or replace your old siding and renew your home’s look? We’re here to help! Just stop in and ask one of our experts today!

1919 – 2019: A Century of Meek’s!

Meek’s was founded in 1919 in Springfield, Missouri and now we’re officially turning 100!

Just for fun, Meek’s is officially as old as:

  • Grand Canyon National Park (Established as a national park in 1919)
  • Treaty of Versailles (signed June 28 in France, ending WWI and establishing the League of Nations)
  • The book “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” by V. Blasco Ibanez
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (first appears as a cartoon under this title in The New York Globe on October 16)
  • The words copacetic, wonky, semi-trailer, radio, supercharge, heavy-lifting, penne, offline, chai, ad-lib, and bagel were just a few of the 309 words added in 1919 to the Oxford English Dictionary
  • The longest Tour de France race to date (3,455 miles)
  • Hotel Pennsylvania (Manhattan, New York)

We have a lot of fun things planned to celebrate the last century of business.

We’ll be sharing highlights of the last 100 Years all year long, so stay tuned! Be sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook for all of the #throwbacks we’ll be sharing!

Here’s to the next 100 years with the best customers a company could ask for!


Classic-Craft — Premium in Every Way

When it comes to a home, your front door is often the first impression a person has of your space. Classic-Craft from Therma-Tru has five different collections to perfectly match your style and make your entryway pop!

If you’re looking for a door that looks, feels, and sounds like an authentic wood door, but want a longer lifespan on your investment, these doors have you covered. Rather than a bullnose profile like many other fiberglass doors, Classic-Craft collections have a solid hardwood square edge further blending architectural character and detailed precision.

Plus, the doors feature handcrafted embossments that are deeper than standard fiberglass doors kicking your elegance up a few notches.

Now this is a front door we’re talking about and it will need to weather more than a few scuffs over the years. No need to worry because Therma-Tru has you covered. The doors are designed and tested to resist extreme weather conditions and the damaging effects of moisture. Each door is element protected by composite rails on the top and bottom.

They definitely will feel solid too with a 4-1/8” beam of engineered lumber running from the top to the bottom on the locking side of the door. You’re getting the best of both worlds, a natural wood feel and a thicker fiberglass skin for added durability and better long-term performance.

Ready to see some of the doors on your house? Download the DoorWays app. In just a few minutes, you can use your phone’s camera to try out different door and glass styles on your home.

Download it from the App Store or GooglePlay.

From there, you can save the versions you like and bring those into your local Meek’s to make your dream entryway a reality!

For more information on the specific collections, visit your local Meek’s or see the descriptions and links below!

  • Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection
    • Designed to complement homes with stucco exteriors, stone accents, and tile roofs this collection reflects breezy spaces practical for warm climates and rich details of the provincial style of countryside estates. These premium fiberglass entryways feature casually elegant wood graining that can be coordinated with decorative glass and accessories to create enchanting entrances.

Expo is Coming May 3, 2019!

Many have asked, many have guessed, and many are (hopefully) ready for some news…

Meek's 100 Year Anniversary

Expo is coming May 3, 2019! This event is going to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever before. Meek’s opened its doors back in 1919 and we’re ringing in our 100 Year Anniversary with a bang!

Join us 05/03/19 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV from 7AM – 2PM.

We will have over 120 vendors from across the country all in one place offering specials on almost any item in their catalog.

Be ready for loads of product demos, screaming deals, and of course tons of prizes.

This event is completely free. You can sign up on our website HERE and save your space!

3 Tips for Better Caulking and Sealing from DAP

Painting your walls can be a lot of work, but following these three tips can help save you from making time-intensive mistakes. Steve Padgett has some useful tips to make a successful paint job.

Before painting, look for all your edges and anything connected to the wall. This is the best time to apply caulk and sealant to make sure everything fits well together. Inspect window sills, frames, molding, trim, and chair rails. You don’t want to paint over a crack and only rely on the paint to make that seal.

To get a more consistent flow from your caulk gun, start at your nearside and push the gun away from you. If you put consistent pressure on the trigger, you won’t have gaps or slumping with your sealant.

Lastly, make sure to patch up any wall holes before you paint, including large nail holes. But, instead of using a sealant, use a spackling paste or wood filler, such as DAP Crackshot or DAP Plastic Wood. Sealants dry to a rubbery texture, which is difficult to sand down.

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